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Previously we shared a few thoughts via Mason Stewart, Partner and Lead Instructor, on How to Best Leverage The Iron Yard Family, and we wanted to continue to provide practical advice to our incoming students to our fresh cohorts starting up soon. In addition, we want to also provide as much context to our future and […]

The idea of jumping head-first into a new world of software and technology is scary, no question about it. And, even if you have some experience and background in the industry, there’s nothing quite like the hardcore bootcamp-style environment that you’re about to experience. In fact, there are very few things to compare it with […]

Hey all, Chris Hutchinson here! I thought it would be a neat idea to share my experience onboarding with The Iron Yard so that others might get a feel of what they might expect joining this great team. Here goes nothing… Last week I headed out to Atlanta Campus for three full days of training, along […]

This idea and sentiment was made famous by Eric Raymond in his book, The Cathedral & the Bazaar: Musings on Linux and Open Source by an Accidental Revolutionary. For greater context, here’s what Raymond had to say that crested in this sub-culturally-famous (yet accessible) idea:

One of the most significant and important decisions that I’ve made last year was deciding to coach my daughter’s U7/8 recreational soccer team as their head coach. It’s a co-ed team of 8-10 children and the skill levels vary wildly from those who appear to have just realized that you can, in fact, kick a ball […]