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Hi all! There’s someone we’d like you to meet! Chances are if you’ve been to Greenville Grok in the past you may not have had the pleasure of meeting her, and that’s unfortunate. Why? Because she’s the powerhouse that runs the whole thing. Meet Erin Godbey, the consistent thread that has helped shape and make […]

The fact is that our top-rated accelerator program has invested in 49 companies which have been able to find follow-up financing and venture capital to the tune of over $55,000,000 – and it’s been one helluva ride! And we’re looking to find and invest in our #50 (and beyond)! Here are a few things that have […]

One of the things we really enjoy around The Iron Yard is participating in other educational efforts around programming and technology targeted toward younger students.  We of course offer our own free Kids Academy courses (more on that below), but we also try to find time to work with educators in the community who are […]

Today we had a nice write up from GSA Business on our big move and plans for the new space!  From Partner Eric Dodds: “As we’ve built and grown this company, we are very proud of Greenville and want to wear it on our sleeve, and being on Main Street is the best way to […]

We started 2015 hoping to have the latest Front End Engineering class kick things off in our new space on Main St. in downtown Greenville. With furniture moved and construction complete, we were ready to get things going. Unfortunately, due to some scheduling issues we ended up waiting an extra week for some paperwork to […]

This past Sunday, we welcomed the latest group of 15 students to the Greenville campus. Meeting at the Growler Station, we enjoyed some drinks and conversation to get the night started. After filling up on some awesome food prepared by local chef Daniel Lopez, we went around the table doing some introductions and made sure […]

On Christmas Eve, I stopped by the office to pick up a few things. It was very quiet, the team out of the office getting ready for the holidays and traveling to family gatherings, etc.  After an amazing year of transformative stories, the classrooms were silent. No lectures. No meetings to discuss progress. No afternoon […]