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Our value proposition at The Iron Yard has always been simple: we provide immersive, in-person programming education that helps you launch a software development or design career. One of the key ingredients to our graduates’ success is a strict focus on immersive education—our students give 100% of their attention to learning a single programming discipline […]

Courage Cocktail Radio Show showcases Durham’s only coding school called The Iron Yard Powered by Smashing Boxes. Our Expert Guest is Clinton Dreisbach, an instructor who teaches Python at The Iron Yard Powered by Smashing Boxes. Our Guest with Guts is Mae Beal, a successful graduate of the coding program who working at Topsail Tech of […]

Our Python class started off week 3 by making art using randomly-generated mathematical equations. Nothing complicated — simple equations like sin(pi * sin(pi * sin(pi * (sin(pi * sin(pi * sin(pi * sin(pi * cos(pi * y))))) * cos(pi * sin(pi * cos(pi * avg(sin(pi * y), (x * x))))))))). Ok, maybe a little complicated. […]

Last Monday, The Iron Yard powered by Smashing Boxes welcomed its third cohort. This is the first time we’ve had three classes running at once, the first time we’ve had forty-five students, and the first time we’ve offered Python. Whoa! The morning kicked off with breakfast, orientation, and a seriously sweet playlist that included The […]

Hi! My name is Kelly Murray, and I’m excited to be the new Campus Operations Manager with The Iron Yard powered by Smashing Boxes in Durham. I don’t remember the first time I used a computer, but I’m pretty sure The Oregon Trail was involved. By middle school I was checking out HTML for Dummies […]

4 Minutes of Python with Clinton  Python Engineering is the newest addition to the course offerings at The Iron Yard. Clinton Dreisbach is writing the curriculum and will be teaching the course for the first time in Durham starting January 12, 2015. The class is filing quickly! Don’t miss your chance to be part of the inaugural Python class. […]