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Every once in a while we like to dive a bit deeper with one of our graduates of our code school and touch base with them to see where they’ve been since leaving the cohort and program. These candid one-on-one interviews allow us to ask some of the “meatier” and more introspective questions. Recently, Eric […]

by Sally Kingston, Campus Director Every cohort, there is a moment when I look around and realize that I am no longer surrounded by students. I am surrounded by engineers.  That moment was today. We’re on the second day of the fifth week of class – not quite halfway through. Up until now, I’ve been […]

by Ryan Huber, Front End Engineering Graduate, October 2014 and Front End Engineering Teaching Assistant, January-March 2015 The first day of class at the Iron Yard in Charleston. It is my second first day here. This time around I an helping out with the Front End class and trying to sit through the class on Ruby […]

Today marks the first day of The Iron Yard Charleston’s first cohort of 2015.  It’s our biggest cohort yet, and we know that in just twelve short weeks, these amazing students will be showing off amazing final projects.  Get ready, Charleston, for 33 more fantastic engineers! Last night, we got to know each other and […]

by Sally Kingston, Campus Director It’s gift-giving season and I’ve begun to realize that the number of programmers on my list grows each year (this is a good thing, I think!).  In case you are lucky enough to be in the same boat, I’ve compiled a list of things I’m considering getting for some of […]

By Sally Kingston, Campus Director One of our first and biggest supporters in Charleston has been Blue Ion, an amazing local agency with one of the most beautiful offices in town.  So it was only natural that we jumped at the chance to partner with them on this amazing new competitive scholarship program: Locked & Coded. […]

We’re currently between classes, but that doesn’t mean we’re just chilling on the beach with margaritas (although we’re managing to squeeze in plenty of that, too).  Here is a little taste of what we’re up to.  Come join us!! Barcamp This weekend is Barcamp CHS! This is an amazing unconference that is entirely participant driven. […]