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From time to time we like to share the exciting “stories in the making” and allow you to get to know more about current students and graduates. From this vantage you can learn more about where they’ve come from and where they are going. We hope their stories inspire you to think much bigger about your career […]

By Jesse Wolgamott, Houston Rails Engineering Instructor. I was blown away by a recent podcast on This American Life, professionally and personally. I searched for an episode, saw one named “Batman”, and instantly jumped on it. Full disclosure: no super heroes, just life changing thinking about the impact of our expectations on people we interact with. Research has […]

By Matt Keas, Houston Front End Engineering Instructor. from While everyone learns slightly differently, we do have similarities in the way our brains take in new information, and knowing how this works can help us choose the most efficient strategies for learning new things. Why spend 6 months learning something new, instead of 3? Knowing how we learn […]

By Brian Dorton, Campus Director On Monday, January 5th a new cohort of students began their journey at The Iron Yard in Houston. The first day is always an amazing one for Matt, Jesse and myself as we know the amazing things these students are going to do in the coming weeks. At the same […]

Camden is thrilled to announce an exciting educational offer exclusive to our residents! The Iron Yard, a company committed to educating and empowering coders, is offering a $2000 scholarship to qualifying Camden residents to join them on January 5th and learn to code—consider it a New Year, New Opportunity scholarship! The Iron Yard teaches intensive, three-month coding courses that mentor you […]

By Matt Keas, Houston Front End Engineering Instructor. Some prospective students will ask our teams why we have single-focus classes, while other code schools teach full-stack. Here is one particular question we received recently: I’ve been researching various coding bootcamps, and have noticed that the majority of them offer a full-stack curriculum. Nonetheless, their programs tend to be […]

We are super excited to partner with the Houston Public Library for the Hour of Code movement 2014. Join our soon to be graduates as they teach you the basics of HTML and CSS. Attention Professionals and College Students: Join Computer Science Education Week and the Hour of Code Movement   HTML in an Hour […]