I’m Thankful for These Three Incredible Women Leaders @ The Iron Yard

One of the best parts of my job is the opportunity to celebrate not just tremendous corporate and organizational growth but also (and more importantly) the individual growth of our staff and employees.

There are few greater joys than seeing people with great potential step up to the plate and consistently knock it out of the park, time and time again (and we are blessed with a lot of these types of people!).

With that in mind, recently we’ve had the pleasure to see a few of our staff grow into larger operational and leadership roles: Jessica Mitsch, Sally Kingston, and Sarah Lodato.

These three women have demonstrated incredible leadership over the last year and were given roles that stretched their capabilities and tested their grit as they helped scale this organization more than 10X.

Not only have they created scalable systems for our campus growth but also established qualitative and quantitative benchmarks for our organization culture, allowing us to continually attract, hire, and retain top talent for our growing team (and we’re still very much in hiring mode!).

But perhaps most important is, at least for me personally, the fact that I have learned a great deal from each of these three women leaders as they have personally and professionally grown – I’m so thankful to have had the chance to work directly with each one of them this year!

jessica-mitschSpecifically, Jessica Mitsch, who is our new Senior Campus Director, has reminded me the importance of timing when it comes to strategic growth. Every single time that our leadership team has asked her to take on greater responsibilities she has responded with incredible poise, asking for additional time to create a working strategy for the change and margin to communicate with her team. This, naturally, made us want to promote her even sooner!

sally-kingstonSally Kingston, our new Regional CD and Special Projects lead, has been my “culture warrior” and someone who I have come to depend on greatly for making sure that everyone that comes through our gates as a potential hire has the “right stuff” when it comes to cultural alignment and fit. I believe that all of our staff wave this banner proudly but there are some, like Sally, who reminded me the power of speaking candidly about not just who we need to hire but also who we want to be as an organization.

sarah-lodatoAnd Sarah Lodato, our new Campus Director of Onboarding and New Market Launch, has proven time and time again that laying a firm foundation for our new hires is some of the most mission-critical work that we do. It’s not just teaching people the tools and processes of the trade, it’s making sure that our culture and vernacular is fundamentally imbued and that operational alignment happens Day #1 instead of by accident (or never).

I speak confidently on behalf of the four partners when I say that we’re proud to work with people like Jessica, Sarah, and Sally and that our organization would not be what it is today without their tireless and dedicated work.

Thanks so much for keeping the bar exceptionally-high and making this an amazing place to work! To infinity and beyond!

(Oh, and they are growing their teams so please consider joining them – and us!)

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