Introducing Web Design Courses at The Iron Yard

The Iron Yard is proud to announce a new 12-week Web Design course at our Greenville, Columbia and Austin campuses! Our first one starts in September and already has students, so apply soon if you’re interested.

We built this course to solve a major issue in web design education. (Well, that and we love design.) While foundational design principles and theory are incredibly important, many higher ed programs are falling behind in digital design instruction, unable to update curriculum that needs to change as quickly as the web does. Also, most schools don’t have programs focused specifically on web design, meaning graduates who want to work in the digital space have to learn additional skills. That’s where we come in.

The Web Design course at The Iron Yard is multi-faceted, covering all aspects of the web design process from start to finish. Students will practice creative discovery, ideation, and critical thinking, collect research, wireframe and prototype, learn HTML, CSS, Sass and Javascript for interaction, consider web standards and best practices, ponder user experience theory, design interfaces with pixel precision, test their products on multiple devices and deploy them seamlessly. Further, students will learn design principles such as grid systems, typography, color theory, branding and systems-based design, a bit of design history and research methods. By the end of the 12-week course, the new designers will graduate with a well-rounded portfolio of work that shows everything they have learned and can achieve in the work place.

The Iron Yard will partner with industry designers, developers, and agencies to ensure that the latest industry standards and technical tools are taught in the classroom, preparing graduating students for current, real-world design roles.

In fact, we’re partnering with Unmatched Style team to develop this course. They bring years of web design, UX and UI expertise to the table from the industry side, but they have educational chops as well: two of the partners have built curriculum for and taught web design courses at the university level. We couldn’t be more excited to work with them on such an important course.

Our thorough instruction and industry partnerships will allow students to step into a variety of design roles: web designer, UX designer, UI designer, front-end designer, freelance designer, and more. And, our campus staff will work with local design communities to foster relationships that will benefit and further the education the students receive.

We believe bridging the gap between education and digital design will have a massive impact on the products we use in the future and we couldn’t be more excited to be on the front lines of that change.

Apply today to study Web Design any of our three locations.

(Our first one starts in September and already has students, so apply soon if you’re interested.)

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