Stories from the Field

Every week we share some of the amazing stories that we get to hear about from our students as they struggle (and succeed) at becoming software developers. These stories are their own, in their own words, and sometimes raw and uncut.

But they are real and authentic, just as they should be.

via Joey Poon:

I spent all of yesterday trying to migrate out of WordPress. I fixed up my portfolio and moved it to Github pages. It loads so much faster now that it brings a tear to my eyes.

via Bryan Dimas:

After some thinking I realized that this had been my greatest mistake when I tried to learn computer programming and web development on my own: I wanted to understand how every single bit of a computer worked. I couldn’t move on until I figured out why there was no semicolon after the third statement in a *for loop*, for example.

via Efrain Ayllon:

We’ve been part of The Iron Yard family since the Code Academy, and we’re going to kick some ass at it’s Accelerator.

via Kyle Richardson:

I have never known another experience like the dyno on the leading end of a climbing rope… until recently. Three weeks ago I joined the cohort at The Iron Yard, Greenville to study front-end engineering.

via John Schnettgoecke:

That’s why I’m falling in love with The Iron Yard each day — because I’m constantly encouraged (challenged, actually) to think, question and evaluate possibility.

via Parker Kirby:

I don’t want to have an epiphany in the eighth or ninth week, I want one everyday. But who has control of those moments? I do. And I just have to keep at it.

via Kelley Rose:

I really love this stuff. Coding that is. One of the biggest unknowns coming into this 3 month course is whether or not I would actually like what I learn. I knew I liked the idea of it.

via Taylor Daugherty:

I feel like I’ve just learned how to swim and now I’m mid-triathalon, middle of the ocean. No turning back now.

via Shannon Armon:

Three weeks down and I’m better than I was three weeks ago, but still quite clueless. Hell, Rome wasn’t born in a day and I’m not going to be a master coder in a month. This would be a lot harder if the Iron Yard wasn’t so diverse and full of fun people, that’s a blessing.

via Michael Marcinek:

It seems unlikely, and quite unreal, that we are just one week shy of a month in the program. It seems like everything is moving so fast. It feels like yesterday that we all met for the first time, setting up the z-shell, istalling git, and updating all of our developer tools.

via Nick Leach:

Then one day my sister sent me a text. The text was just a link to The Iron Yard’s website. She had just gotten a new job at State Farm as an IT-Systems Analyst, and said that some people got hired in her dept. from The Iron Yard. As soon as I saw what The Iron Yard was I knew that was what I was supposed to do.

via Kyle Robinson:

Additionally, I started working on one of my own app ideas! I’m not sure if this will be my final project or a side project, but it’s something I’m excited about and intend to see to completion.

via Sherri Mitchell:

I feel like I’m getting my ass kicked on the regular, but it’s making me stronger. I go back and forth between feeling like I don’t know shit, and feeling really happy because I understand something.

via Ray Thompson:

Everyday, I feel a little better about my progression; I guess I am becoming used to the feeing of barely keeping my head above water (am I?). The deluge of information never stops; “can’t stop, won’t stop”.

Until next week!

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