To Florida and Back Again: Instructor JD Isaacks as a Traveling Instructor

We’re always blown away by the commitment of our staff to our students and our mission. This past semester, our Front End Engineering Instructor JD Isaacks wowed us again.

JD was hired as a second Front End Engineering Instructor in Atlanta, but jumped at the opportunity to teach for a semester in Florida. He literally packed his family up and moved to beautiful, sunny Tampa Bay for the first part of the year and shepherded a group of aspiring programmers through 12 intense weeks of JavaScript.

JD is back in Atlanta and is teaching a class that starts on June 15th. Here’s his tale of time ‘on the road’ and the relationships he made along the way:

After spending my winter in Florida I am stoked to be back in Atlanta and ready to hit the ground running on a new class. Florida was great, my class was excellent and the weather was awesome. 

As much as I loved my time in Florida, the thing that I am going to miss the most was the connections I made. Before starting I had no idea how much I would get to know my students on a personal level as I guided them through their amazing life-changing journey. Because of this, graduation was bittersweet, it was a very proud moment watching my students demo the amazing apps they had built with their newfound skills but it also meant good bye. Above all else though, I was able to make a significant contribution to my students’ new path and that was amazing.

It is really quite addicting, the feeling you get helping someone achieve something so great. I can’t get enough of it. This is the first time I have ever longed for Monday morning on a Friday evening instead of the inverse. Being back in A-town is only going to amplify everything! I am eager to get back into the local JavaScript community, I will I be able to enjoy the occasional coffee with my students after they graduate and I will have a new super power at my disposal.

Since Atlanta is the only campus to have two front end engineering instructors, we will be able to collaborate everyday bringing the experience and perspective of two great engineers to the classroom that I believe will create an experience for my students that they truly cannot get anywhere else.

My next class starts June 15th, it is super exciting and I can’t wait to impact more lives.

Apply to take JD’s June 15th course in Atlanta.

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