Release: The Iron Yard and Spatial Networks Team Up To Create New Opportunities For Tech

Spatial Networks, one of our hiring partners in Tampa Bay, recently published a press release about the local tech industry, The Iron Yard and hiring our graduates. Their company produces great products like Fulcrum, a mobile data collection tool.

Congrats to Tony Gaeta, who graduated from our Rails Engineering course in Tampa Bay and joined the Spatial Networks team!

Here’s the full press release:

Downtown St Petersburg is seeing a rapid increase in technology startups, but is struggling to find talented coders in the Tampa Bay area. One company is helping to solve that problem by creating qualified programmers to fill those positions.

Seeing an explosive year-over-year demand for state-side programmers and a small talent pool to choose from, many American companies have been hard pressed to find quality talent for their programming positions, leading many to outsource the work to overseas shops – with mixed results. But a recently established programming school in Downtown St Petersburg is poised to change all that, and one company is already taking advantage of this new local source of programming talent.

We got some fresh vinyl and  coders in Tampa Bay! 4.54.03 PM

When Spatial Networks, makers of the Fulcrum mapping application, needs to find programmers to expand their operations, they don’t have to put out the traditional ads & job posts, or contact recruiters to let them know their needs anymore. Instead, they walk two blocks to an unassuming looking elevator, and take it to the third floor. Hidden inside is The Iron Yard, a programming school in the heart of Downtown St Petersburg, and waiting inside is Toni Aliberti, the Campus Director, ready to introduce new students to prospective employers.

The Iron Yard prides itself on training individuals with no coding experience to learn to build custom web applications in a 12-week intensive course. And if you think it’s just a young crowd learning programming, you’d be sorely mistaken. “The average age of our students is between 30-40 years old. Many are looking to make a career change, or start their own business or startup,” says Aliberti.

Tampa Bay classes

Tony Gaeta, a former US Army intelligence officer and recent graduate of The Iron Yard, describes his experience coding before getting accepted to the The Iron Yard – “I was self taught for months, but wanted to expand my knowledge of Ruby on Rails. Before I had even graduated, I already had two job interviews lined up!”

Gaeta accepted a position at Spatial Networks, as a software developer on Fulcrum, just one month after graduation.

The Iron Yard is located in Downtown St Petersburg, and more info can be found at

Spatial Networks is located in Downtown St Petersburg, FL, and more info can be found at

More information on the Fulcrum mapping application can be found at

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