We’re Partnering with Winrock to Offer $60,000 for our First Round of Classes in Little Rock

People interested in our inaugural courses in Little Rock are in for something great: we’ve partnered with Winrock International to to offer $60,000 in scholarships towards for our courses starting on June 29th.

Little Rock is home to multiple innovative programs and tech companies. The Venture Center and the AR Innovation Hub have built homes for all types of individuals and companies exploring the worlds of software and hardware.

Who else is in Little Rock? Companies like few, a creative digital and design shop, are nationally renowned for their work and their events. Larger corporations like Southwest Power Pool implement the infrastructure that keeps electricity running for millions of people. Software companies like Acxiom are innovating in the world of big data. All of these businesses (and more) sit on our advisory board and are excited about hiring our graduates.

Needless to say, we’re incredibly excited to be a part of what’s happening in Arkansas.

Now, for some scholarship details.

Applicants will apply by answering the question, “What would you build for Little Rock if you learned how to code?” We will distribute scholarships in the form of discounted tuition in the following amounts: 

• 2 students – Full Scholarship ($12,000)

• 2 students – Half Scholarship ($6,000)

• 8 students – Quarter Scholarship ($3,000)

Apply for a scholarship here: http://theironyard.com/scholarships/winrock/

You can learn more about our courses in Little Rock here: http://theironyard.com/locations/little-rock

As always, you can connect with our local team via email or on the phone (+1-501-260-7998).

Winrock International’s US Programs work towards improving communities, economies, and environments. They place a special focus on technology and business through programs such as Innovate Arkansas, the ARK Challenge, and the I-20 Corridor Regional Accelerator. We are humbled to have such an amazing company on our Advisory Board.

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The Iron Yard exists to create exceptional growth and mentorship for people, their companies and their ideas through code education and startup accelerators.