Announcing Self-Paced Courses in Partnership with Thinkful


Our value proposition at The Iron Yard has always been simple: we provide immersive, in-person programming education that helps you launch a software development or design career.

One of the key ingredients to our graduates’ success is a strict focus on immersive education—our students give 100% of their attention to learning a single programming discipline for 12 weeks straight. Going from beginner to professional in a few months is no small feat and complete dedication is what it takes to build a foundation strong enough to be a highly desirable junior-level programmer.

One of the most common questions we are asked is why we don’t offer the ‘same program’ in a nights-and-weekends format for people who can’t or are hesitant about taking three months off to complete a course. We explain the details in a longer post, but here’s the summary:

If we offered our intensive courses in a longer format at night, our students’ attention would be divided from the outset and their ability at the end simply wouldn’t be as deep or powerful. (That’s not an opinion—even some of our sharpest students have tried to work on the side and suffered the consequences.) We want to teach and mentor the best students, and divided attention is not the way to accomplish that goal.

With that in mind, we’ve begun to notice an interesting gap in the types of programs that encourage people to explore and learn technology, but more specifically, help them determine if making the jump into an immersive, career-focused is right for them.

As we’ve said before, we’re big fans of online code education for people with specific goals. Video or text-based tutorials are a great way for beginners to expose themselves to different programming languages and develop introductory skills and understanding. As you delve deeper into the world of programming, though, nothing can supplant the value of a real, professional programmer guiding you past the scripted assignments and mentoring you through the trickier barriers you face when you open a terminal and text editor and try to build something from scratch.

Over the past several months, we’ve been working on a part-time, self-paced program that will fill that gap. Our new “Self-Paced Courses” will help students build a solid foundation in the basics through a mix of online curriculum and, most importantly, the mentorship that is so critical to diving deeper than self-study can take you.

Our specialty at The Iron Yard is immersive education and in-person mentorship, so instead of trying to create an online curriculum from scratch, we’ve partnered with Thinkful, an online education platform that values mentorship as highly as we do. Thinkful’s team specializes in providing remote mentorship from industry experts, paired with high-quality online curricula. They have actively been filling the space between tutorials and immersive programs and we believe that combining their self-paced, remote-mentor model with in-person guidance and collaboration at The Iron Yard will be a great experience for people exploring the possibility of programming as a career.

Our Self-Paced Courses are perfect for you if:

  • You want to get a taste of what programming is like before making a career transition.
  • You’re interested in attending the Iron Yard, but aren’t quite ready to join the immersive course.
  • You’ve been accepted to The Iron Yard and want to get a running start before the immersive course begins.

Tuition for the program is $2500 and you’ll complete the course in 2 months if you study 10-15 hours per week. Along with the online curriculum, you’ll experience:

  • Weekly, remote, video-mentor sessions with a Thinkful mentor
  • Live, in-person sessions with an Iron Yard mentor at an Iron Yard campus (including time to collaborate with your classmates).

Here’s the best part: people who take our Self-Paced Courses can apply 50% of that tuition to our immersive courses if and when they determine that they want to take the plunge, join an immersive course and participate in our career support program.

Our first Self-Paced Course is Self-Paced Front End Engineering and will be offered at our Durham, NC and Tampa Bay, FL locations. Class begins on June 1st.

Enrollment for Self-Paced Front End Engineering is open, so apply today or learn more on our website.

We are planning to add additional subjects and cities in the coming weeks and months, so keep an eye out for announcements. If you want to see our Self-Paced Courses offered in your city, send us an email and we’ll begin the conversation.

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