Stories from the Field

Every week we share some of the amazing stories that we get to hear about from our students as they struggle (and succeed) at becoming software developers. These stories are their own, in their own words, and sometimes raw and uncut.

But they are real and authentic, just as they should be.

via Alex McConnell:

I can’t wait until the end of the class so I can start turning this project into the game design platform I want it to be and build some real games.

via Mike Vaughan:

I’m almost there.  I’ve got at least ten companies I want to apply to, but I’m sure to find more.  My goal is to find at least ten more in the next week, send them my resume and cover letter, and hopefully snag an interview.  Some of the places I’ve found are lofty goals, but if the Iron Yard has taught me anything (other than how to code), it’s that nothing is impossible.

via Randall Lee:

I’m being challenged every day, and I believe this is true for all of us in this cohort…maybe even the whole school. I warn you reader that if you are considering joining a bootcamp such as this one, everything you’ve read is true and this is not to be taken lightly.

via JWade:

Learning to be a web developer by joining TheIronYard has been an amazing creative outlet as well as a solid building block to a new exciting life direction. Career doors are open more now than I’ve ever felt. My path isn’t stuck in a rut anymore where I can’t see the way out! … and I couldn’t be happier.

via Spencer Norman:

The decision to attend The Iron Yard was not an individual decision for me. This was a decision we made as a family. We understood the sacrifice and knew that the long term investment for our family as a whole would be worth it. This time has grown our marriage and strengthened our bond as a family even though it could have easily done the opposite.

via Pablo Aguirre:

6 weeks ago I did not know any javascript, had very limited experience programming and have not heard about or used 90% of things we have covered during lectures. I now have a solid introduction to javascript and am getting better at programming every day.

via Tony Gaeta:

The past five weeks have been hell. From the time of my last blog post to now, I have put every waking minute and ounce of energy into the Ruby on Rails course at The Iron Yard. This is, without a doubt, not a course for the faint-of-heart.

via Becky Hamm:

As my instructor said, we’re “cramming 2 years of failures into 12 weeks”.

I love reading every single story, every single week. Until next time!

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