The next Rails Engineering cohort starts Monday!

By Brian Burridge, Tampa Bay Rails Instructor

It feels like forever since our last class ended with an exclamation on demo day. Everyone in attendance was so impressed with how much each of them was able to learn. I remember a mix of emotions as I was both proud of all they had accomplished and sad to realize I would no longer have the privilege of teaching those students again. Thankfully, I have continued to see them, and I’m sure I’ll have the opportunity to continue to interact with them and keep up on their careers as they attend local events like the Tampa Ruby meetup and when they hangout at our campus, as they are always welcome to do.

While change brings an end to the old, it also brings something new. With every student interview for this next cohort I’ve become increasingly excited for the start of this second Rails Engineering class here in Tampa Bay. Every class has it’s own unique blend of personalities and previous experiences. The unexpectedness of that blend is all part of what makes it both a challenge and a thrill. I know that I myself will learn from this group just as I did in working with the last.

I can’t wait to get to know them and to play a part in starting them on this new journey into web software development. It’s thrilling to be able to share my experiences, my failures and what I’ve learned along the way. They may take three steps forward, and then fall two steps back, but in the end, if they persevere, they will, just as this last class did, grow their abilities beyond what they even realize is possible. And that is what makes my job such an incredible pleasure.

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