The Iron Yard in Collaboration with IBM Design

This post was written by Eric Dodds, a Partner at The Iron Yard who oversees marketing and operations. View his profile on our site or follow him on Twitter.

We’re incredibly excited to announce that we’re collaborating with IBM Design to make our Web Design and Front End Engineering programs even more robust.

IBM Design is a unique component of the IBM corporation, utilizing inspired studios and user-focused processes to make their products better. Here’s how they describe themselves:

Great brands differentiate themselves through the design of their products and services. By setting users—not raw technology or buyers—as our North Star, IBM Design establishes human experience as our principal benchmark and delivers iconic user experiences across the IBM portfolio.

IBM Design has studios across the globe, from Austin, TX (their main office) to Shanghai, China—and they are hiring a whole lot of designers and front end developers. We’re excited about helping them fill that pipeline and about collaborating with their team on our curricula, career support materials, student experience and more.

Here’s a quote from Katie Parsons, a Front End Developer at IBM Design:

I”m absolutely thrilled that IBM’s pairing up with The Iron Yard—we’re always on the hunt for candidates with both design and dev skills, and The Iron Yard will bring us a fresh new crop of talent! I can’t wait to see what our partnership brings in 2015!

Learn more about IBM Design on their website and keep your eye out for news about our collaboration.

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