16 Developers You Should Hire

By Tim Whitacre, Front End Engineering Instructor

On December 12, The Iron Yard Atlanta graduated 16 more students from their Front End Engineering program. I had the privilege to lead these now developers for the past 12 weeks and wanted to take a moment and reflect on our time together.


Whether it was learning something new, working on a team project or just interacting at a local meetup, this group of students gave it their all. They dived in head first that first week in September and never wavered. I consider myself a fairly determined person. When I put my mind to something I usually tend to see it through. However, I always learn a little more about determination with each graduating class. The dedication I see in each student as they work to understand and excel at a particular concept is an incredible thing to witness. 

Whether you are looking for a full time developer or just want to hire someone for some contract work, check out the list of names below. 

Paul Park – Ppark482@gmail.com

Dean Gilewicz – gilewiczd@gmail.com

Richard Daniel – rdanieldesign@gmail.com

Wendy Nichols – wendlelyn@gmail.com

Chase Simpson – chase.w.simpson1@gmail.com

Max Ehnert – maxehnert@gmail.com

Victoria Nicholson – saintvictoria@gmail.com

John Crocker – johnniecrocker@yahoo.com 

Joanna Edgell – joedgell2013@gmail.com

Chelsea Franz – chelseafranz3@gmail.com

Emory Griffith – emorygriffith91@gmail.com

Maggie Martin – maggierozay@gmail.com

Matthew Griffith – mgriffeth9@gmail.com

Mike Zevitas – mzevitas@gmail.com

Thomas McCracken – thomas.alan.mccracken@gmail.com 

Andrew El-Masry – andrewelmasry@gmail.com 

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