Shopping Guide for the Software Developer in Your Life

By Laura Lindeman, Assistant Campus Director

Christmas is coming up next week (wut?!), and if you still have a few names on your list, don’t despair! Check out these fabulous gifts selected with the programmer’s tastes in mind.

  • This has been deemed the best travel mug and I can vouch for it from personal experience. It keeps your drink hot for hours and locks up tight so your geek can throw it in her backpack without worrying that it’ll leak onto the MacBook Pro.


Pair this with a gift subscription of Blue Bottle Coffee and you’re caffeinated for the road!

  • Programmers like to play on their devices (I mean, let’s be honest, so do most of us these days), so it’s a real dilemma when it’s cold enough outside to warrant gloves. These touchscreen gloves make gaming and typing on the go a snap. Mobile Engineering Instructor Jo is rarely without his iPhone 6 Plus, so maybe he needs a pair from Santa.


  • A love for building and creating comes with the territory of being a software developer. So, what better gift than kits of tiny building blocks delivered to their doors every month? Most of the customers on Pley’s website look to be children, but I don’t think we should let that stop us. Something tells me Front End Engineering Instructor Tim wouldn’t mind unwrapping this one!


  • TerraCycle’s Circuit Board Coasters are cool on a couple of levels: first and foremost it’s a COMPUTER. That’s a coaster. (Disclaimer: these circuit boards do not compute.) But second of all, they’re doing the environment good by keeping electronic waste from the landfill. Maybe pair a set with a nice bottle of whiskey? Our Rails Engineering instructor Brit favors Bulleit Rye for making cocktails.


  • Techies love stickers, and this emoji pack makes their virtual world tangible! For real, what *couldn’t* be improved with an emoticon sticker?



If you find yourself really in a bind, Apple gift cards and Amazon Kindle books can be delivered instantly to your loved one’s email inbox. Those are always good options. But you’ve still got a few days, so get to shopping!

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