Home Sweet Home at the M Rich Center

By Sarah Lodato, Campus Director


We’ve moved, and we can’t be more excited to announce that our January cohort will start in our new space in Downtown Atlanta, taking up the majority of the 4th floor at the M Rich Center. If you missed it, the Atlanta Business Chronicle first announced the move, but our final Demo Day of 2014 (on Dec. 12th) saw our first “soft launch” of the campus; we welcomed over 70 attendees at our new space for a sneak peek at what’s to come. Check out what we have in store!

I’m a big fan of the details in an experience, as some of you may know I’m a big fan of decorating and design (interior, event, visual!). Around campus, I’ve earned a bit of a reputation of being a “camp counselor”, always encouraging folks to wear their Iron Yard t-shirts for events, excited about huddles where we share our highs and lows of the week 🙂 Perhaps it’s a call to my younger years where I always wanted to go to boarding school or sleepaway camp, but I love the idea of our students getting an all-in experience that involves more than their classroom time, but that they also have an environment to call theirs and feel comfortable to be creative. This is why I’m so excited about having 11,000 sqft to ourselves in Downtown Atlanta, where our students can enjoy their classrooms, but also spread out for communal work in the afternoon and weekend lab hours. We’re excited to add our flavor to the space, and have already begun donning the walls with local artwork (and yes, plenty of space for the ping pong table). 


In addition to our internal opportunities, we are excited about the space we now have to host community partners for public meetups, hack nights, and alumni gatherings. The best ideas and knowledge are spread through collaboration, and we’re hoping to create an environment that fosters that. 

But wait — there’s more! We’re sharing the building with some awesome ATLiens, including Creative Loafing, the Center for Civic Innovation, C4 Atlanta, and more … talk about a stellar line-up! We can’t wait to explore some partnerships with our new neighbors to make Atlanta’s creative and tech scene stronger.

Finally, our surroundings have us super excited, as we’re in the heart of Atlanta surrounded by the roots of local history. Set within walking distance to Centennial Olympic Park, the new Atlanta Streetcar, the King Center, Switchyards, Downtown’s business district … not to mention easy access via MARTA & 75/85, we’re really excited to have settled in our permanent home that represents both the history and future of Atlanta. We hope to see you here at one of our Meetups, or for a full class at The Iron Yard – Atlanta!

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