Project 120: Live | Learn | Build at The Iron Yard Atlanta

By Sarah Lodato, Campus Director


When we plan cities for The Iron Yard to land, those decisions are deeply grounded in our existing relationships in those cities. This sets our students up for the best potential for success when they enter the industry as a software engineer, and also allows for really rich opportunities for connecting with community partners. We’re super proud of our approach to making sure our students are not only getting incredible value in their engineering work, but also that they’re getting a great overall experience for those three months and beyond outside of our classrooms. For this reason, Atlanta attracts applicants from all over the country (and sometimes other countries!) who want to get a jumpstart on their path to becoming a software engineer specifically in Atlanta. Others love the idea of fully immersing themselves in The Iron Yard even beyond training, but also in their living environment. We are super excited to announce our partnership with Project 120, a living and mentorship program created specifically for our students to provide the “next step” in our immersive experience, for those seeking a full-circle experience while attending our program. 

So, who can participate in Project 120? It’s for all accepted students of The Iron Yard – Atlanta, either local or moving into Atlanta for the course. In addition to providing accommodations, it’s coupled with exclusive mentorship & local outings organized by the creators of Project 120, Sue and John Saddington. We think joining The Iron Yard is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to set your career on an incredible track, so why not couple that with an awesome mentorship & living experience, too? A fully furnished apartment in Inman Park allows for quick access to our downtown location, but also puts you in an awesome Atlanta neighborhood so you can have fun outside of training, too. Think of it as the grown-up version of going away to boarding school — we’re just jealous we can’t attend! 

Questions? Ready to read more? Check out all the details at, and think of it as extra incentive to apply to join The Iron Yard!

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