When Time Flies

By Sarah Lodato, Campus Director

In Atlanta, our engineering cohorts tend to fly by with three classes running. It makes for an exciting mix of activity to have folks covering different languages and frameworks, but also contributes to a serious sense of time flying. It’s incredible that we are just weeks away from graduating our sixth class in Atlanta, a major accomplishment to know the impact we’ve had on Atlanta’s developer community! How do you manage the thrill of progress happening quickly, but make sure you take the time to smell the roses? 

Three months in immersive code training can often seem daunting to applicants, but that quickly turns into “whoa, I can’t believe we’re this far already” at our weekly check-ins. One of our biggest mantras at The Iron Yard is be active the entire time you’re here, which can prove difficult when you’re chin-deep in code for 60-80 hours a week. However, making sure you both utilize your community and also contribute to it are some of the most important things a new developer can do — to have success in the industry, but also immerse yourself in the culture that will support professional development. Software engineering is an iterative, creative craft, so sharing ideas is essential. 

Life is short, and time will continue to fly: this is why we’re so excited about jumpstarting career shifts through our program. We try to make sure we’re relishing in the change as it happens, with weekly class huddles, meetups throughout the cohort, and a growing program of alumni opportunities. We’re encouraging our alumni to come back and work alongside us, and share with the current students what their post-Iron Yard trajectory has been. As this network expands, those stories will grow richer and more diverse, and we can’t wait to see where Iron Yarder grads spread (both in location, and talent). Tack on a lot of Twitter photos, and we think we’re doing a pretty good job of capturing our moments!

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