Halfway There

By Tim Whitacre, Front End Engineering Instructor

We recently marked the halfway point of the current Front End Engineering class. Generally we have some sort of celebration consisting of a relaxing afternoon with some beer and wings. This time, my class wanted to have a “Macaroni and Cheese, and Whiskey” party. Ok, sure, why the heck not. After all they more than deserve it. There is not a single student who has not been pushing themselves hard for the last six weeks.

In fact, one of the things I’ve done a lot this course is given out bonus homework. Almost ever night, I add extra work to their assignments. Honestly, I don’t expect it to get done. Not because my students can’t do it, but let’s face it, the homework by itself is pretty intense and time consuming. I’ve been amazed at how many are doing this every night and some are even going back to do it at a later time. This is a trait of a good developer, people who are willing to go above and beyond. All of the courses at The Iron Yard are intense. They have to be in order to get everyone ready. With the courses being so intense, you would think a lot of people just do the bare minimum, because, in all reality, the bare minimum is still really intense. I’m proud to say, I rarely see this. Most Iron Yard students are here and ready to work hard. Of course, this class is no exception. So, with that said. It’s time to get back to the party.

Also, since it was Halloween, we decided to combine the two events.


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