Ruby on Rails is coming to TIY Orlando!

By Susanna Miller, Campus Director

I hope you’ve heard already, but come January 2015, The Iron Yard Orlando will be offering courses in more than just Front End Engineering. That’s right – we’re adding a course in Ruby on Rails! 

The class will have the same structure as our Front End Engineering course – a twelve week course, with nine weeks of lecture/lab time, and three weeks for the capstone project – and will be just as intense and exciting an experience. Ruby on Rails is one of the most popular server-side frameworks in the world, and by April, The Iron Yard will have you writing in Rails, and ready for a job as a Ruby on Rails developer. 

But the important question here is: why Rails?


Ruby – and Rails – are open source, which means you can read, study, and learn from how they were written, and tinker with them to customize them as you like. And there’s a large and thriving community working in Ruby, and continuing to grow – studying Rails will put you right in the middle of a vibrant and open community of developers who care deeply about the language. And there are several Ruby user groups here in Orlando!

Widespread use

Ruby on Rails is used by some of the largest sites in the world – from Hulu and Kickstarter, to Soundcloud and GitHub. It’s popular, and there’s a growing demand for it, particularly among startups, because it’s …

Full Stack

Ruby on Rails is a full stack framework, so it covers both front end and back end. Starting with Rails will introduce you to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, in addition to Ruby – and working in Rails gives you control over the your entire website application.

Easy to Read

Ruby is flat out more intuitive to read than many other languages (looking at you, JavaScript). Objected-oriented and focused on getting results, it just looks more like English. Forgot that ()? No problem! Additionally, Rails is great for beginners because it has a set of standard components that’ll run fine on their own if you don’t want to customize them. 

Great Tools

There are already tons of great tools in the Rails ecosystem, like the huge array of software packages called gems, which provide features from geolocation to uploading files to registering users to accepting payments. There are also significant online resources to help you – it’s a very well-documented language. In addition to the vast Rails community, there is online support – and resources for your web app! – that are widely available.

So why take our Rails engineering course?

The class will teach students to build fast, production quality full-stack apps and well-architected server-side systems, as well as optimizing systems for desktop and mobile. The curriculum delves deep into the Ruby on Rails framework, while also providing an introduction to JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and CoffeeScript. Want more information? Check out the curriculum at

Interested in being a part of the first Ruby on Rails class we’re offering in Orlando? Apply here!

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