The Students Are Quickly Becoming The Masters

By Brian Dorton, Campus Director

This past Saturday, Houston Rails Girls had a Learn to Code Workshop at Platform Houston.  It’s a terrific, free hands-on workshop where girls are encouraged to come out and learn how to build a Rails application.  Two of our current students in the Rails class, Bharvi Shah and Astrid Countee were interested in attending, but hesitant to sign up as a coach as they are only in week 5 of class. With the encouragement of Jesse, they decided to take the chance and put to the test just how much they have learned in only 5 weeks.  Astrid blogged about the experience.

Today I coached at the Rails Girls Workshop in Houston.

It was a fantabulous experience. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to coach the girls that much. I was worried that I didn’t know enough. I was worried that I wouldn’t be much help at all.

But, what actually happened was so much cooler than I ever anticipated.

I not only helped girls build their very first web app, I had so much fun. Since I have been a student for only 5 weeks, I had no idea how much I learned. I spend most of my time struggling with the next concept. When I started coaching, I realized that yes, I do know something. In fact, I know a lot of things. Not only is it cool to be able to help people, but it is so amazing to see the light bulb go off with the girl that I am helping. It is more amazing to see how exited she gets seeing what she did. I wasn’t anticipating how awesome that experience would be.

Astrid showing how it’s done.

Bharvi making it happen.

Bharvi and Astrid, being all Bharvi and Astrid.

I am so very proud of Bharvi, Astrid and all of the students at The Iron Yard in seeing the continued growth that is happening. This is only the beginning!

To infinity and beyond! 

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