Iron Yard Students See Development In The Real World

By Brian Dorton, Houston Campus Director 

This past week, students at The Iron Yard in Houston visited Poetic Systems to get an idea of how everything they are learning will be translated into real world experiences.  The students were given a tour of the facilities and had the opportunity to participate in a question and answer session with Poetic founder Matthew Hager, 


Poetic founder Matthew Hager speaks to The Iron Yard students.

Efrain Ayllon, rails student at The Iron Yard wrote a blog post about the trip.

I honestly felt at home the moment I stepped inside their place. It was nice and open, great view, tons of computers, and more importantly, a great team was there. It seems like they’re one big family. I was able to talk with one of their ‘code poets’ a bit more of what they do when it comes to developing apps for iOS. As an Apple enthusiast, I would love to have my own app on the App Store sometime in the near future. It was great because Leonidez, a Code Poet, talked more about what programs they used for the design part, how they were able to make their apps hybrid, and much more.

It is amazing to see the continuing growth of all of our students who are working hard to realize their dream of doing what they love for a living.

The day I stepped foot in The Iron Yard, it was a completely different experience. I have never come home from school and been excited to do my homework. In fact, I have never gone to school on a Sunday to meet up with a few classmates and hack away on our homework.

To infinity and beyond! 

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