Our Weekend with SolTech at #hackTIY

By Sarah Lodato, Campus Director

I love meeting developers that talk about their interest in giving back to the community, especially when it comes to education. The private education space for software engineering is evolving, and with our small, intimate class sizes, we’re making it easier for an engineer to share his or her story with budding software engineers. There’s incredible power in collaboration, and we couldn’t be more grateful for the development team at SolTech to come out this past weekend for The Iron Yard’s #hackTIY event, our internal hackathon. 

Mentorship comes from the heart. You can tell a great mentor at first interaction, because it’s a visibly selfless act. Yes, you learn from teaching others your ways, but that volunteerism of wisdom is invaluable, and far surmounts the value you get from giving back. We ask a lot of our mentors for #hackTIY, because the potential for impact on our students is huge.

At The Iron Yard, there is no easy weekend to take off to dive into an “extracurricular” hacking event — especially when two of our classes are just two weeks from graduation, chin-deep in final application mode. Our Front End course was in an equally strenuous point, just two weeks into their 12-week program; swamped with an adjustment to the lifestyle, they were still equally as eager to take part in an opportunity for mentorship and challenge. Teams are formed with an iOS, Rails, and Front End engineer to foster cross-platform collaboration and robust application potential. We try to keep our internal community super tight, and encourage them to interact as much as possible, so this weekend was no different.

Our pitch partner was the SolTech team, and we couldn’t have been more impressed with their creative pitch ideas (they brought three pitches!) and their eagerness to dive in and sit alongside our engineers for three days straight. Coaching happened from a technical and personal standpoint, as tensions grow high after round-the-clock coding ensues. We don’t take the commitment our students take to be here lightly, and to see them dive into an optional weekend of hacking was huge. 

It speaks wonders about a work environment when you see a developer functioning in a different setting. After spending a weekend with the SolTech folks, I jokingly told them I’d be carving out my own desk at their gorgeous Buckhead office. All jokes aside, I think everyone at The Iron Yard-Atlanta this weekend agreed that they’re stellar team of incredibly creative, motivated engineers/architects/techgenuises that poured themselves into helping out our engineers for the sake of education and mentorship. It’s clear they love what they do, and simply want to pass their passion along to others. 

Earlier this year at The Iron Yard’s Grok conference, Kristian Andersen gave a talk on passion vs love: passion should be something you’re willing to suffer for. Those words have stuck with me ever since, as that’s the exact sentiment that rings true every time I talk to people about software engineering. This weekend, I saw an incredible amount of passion from both our dedicated students, and the mentors from SolTech. Suffering ensued certainly, but I was so humbled by the high spirits held throughout the weekend. I’m always impressed and inspired by such passionate, selfless acts of our engineers, and those passionate people that support us.

Iron Yarders mustered up the energy they had left to present at the end, and we polished off presentations with some fun superlatives (check out our Mobile Moguls below, they rocked out their mobile app for emergency notifications!). 

Super proud of our team, and many many thanks to SolTech for volunteering their time and knowledge to The Iron Yard – Atlanta this weekend!

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