People Come First at The Iron Yard

By Laura Lindeman, Assistant Campus Director

We are people-centric.

We put our students, teams, investors and supporters first in all of our decision making. Our success is entirely dependent on their success.

Click on the “About” tab of The Iron Yard’s website, and the statement above is one of the first things you’ll see.

We are people-centric.

We run our campuses with small teams, and we cap our classes at a reasonable 15 students, to ensure that every single person gets the individualized attention, mentorship, and guidance they need to build a lifelong career as a software engineer.

We are people-centric.

We get together every Friday afternoon to share a beer or a Coke at a casual event we call Iron Pints. Sometimes in Atlanta we play pool at a nearby pub. Other times we reserve a bunch of booths, pile in, and talk. Sometimes our TAs play FizzBuzz out loud. 

We are people-centric.

Community matters to us. As the Assistant Campus Director, an entire segment of my job description is building internal community. It was extremely gratifying when one of our iOS students, two weeks into the twelve-week course, commented that he really liked the effort put into and attention paid to developing community among our classes at The Iron Yard. It’s our intent to make sure that no one feels alone during their extremely intense time here.

We are people-centric.

Every Friday morning, we gather with each class to share our high and low points from the past week. Sometimes these are about code. (Sometimes the low and the high stem from the same piece of code—when it’s broken, and when it gets fixed!) Sometimes they’re about life. Sometimes they’re more intense than others—an ailing father, expensive car troubles. Sometimes they’re on the goofy side—the dishes have piled up at home because I’m spending so much time coding! But they’re real and honest and having a space to open up is important to us. The instructors and campus director also spend one-on-one time with each student periodically to provide a forum for candid feedback.

We are people-centric.

The experience any student has at The Iron Yard should be about far more than code. It should be about learning how to learn, processing ways to approach problems, absorbing the methodology of thinking like a software engineer. And it should be about the people. The people who are training you toward being a junior level developer. The people who are striving alongside you. The people who are cheering you on from the sidelines. We are people-centric, and that’s an integral part of what makes our students so successful.

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