PRO’s T3TR0S Community Event

By Jesse Wolgamott, Houston Rails Engineering Instructor

Tetris1 holds a special ranking in my formative games; my dad brought home a computer in 1985 and we played two games for years: Tetris and DigDug. Tetris, of course, went on to fame and glory, spending 30 years on every computer gaming system and graphic calculators that we could throw at it.


To celebrate Tetris’ 30 year anniversary, Elaine Looney of PRO’s4 in Houston had an idea: “Let’s build a Tetris game in Clojure!” Shaun LeBron, Chris Oakman, Elaine, and others started building T3TR0S using ClojureScript with the ability to play solo or in a battle.

The Iron Yard and START Houston hosted PRO’s on September 3rd to an amazing community of developers and game lovers. Over 60 people showed up for pizza, local craft beer, and community bonding. Congrats to PROs for such an awesome event.

Houston JavaScripters learning ClojureScript, Tetris

Houston JavaScripters learning ClojureScript, Tetris (with pizza and beers). 

Eric and Brian

Eric Dodds and Brian Dorton being Eric and Brian.

Stealing the show were Shaun LeBron’s slides. Themselves created in ClojureScript, Shaun was able to hover over an expression and see the result live. 


It was basically this for much of the audience.


You can play T3TR0S at (either solo or in a battle). For the record, my high score: a semi-respectable 15,200. Code Available on GitHub3

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