Play = Good

By Jo Albright, iOS Engineering Instructor

Most people believe that coding is typing away at the keyboard all day and would put many to sleep. At times that can be true. When those moments happen, I believe that you can find a way to give your brain a few minutes of rest.

Step Away and Play

Getting up from your desk when you are frustrated has always been a good thing for anyone to do. But, a lot of times you just feel the pressure to finish what you are doing because you aren’t distracted. Finding a simple game that doesn’t tax your brain, gives you a reason to stay away from the desk for longer than a minute. For me, I love playing Ping Pong. My brain barely has to think, I get a little exercise in, and get some fun added to my day. As a bonus, it is a two player game allowing for human interaction. 

Being a Gamer

Play also encourages things like problem solving. Out of the hundreds of games I have played, my favorites are ones that have puzzles to solve. Here are a few great puzzle based games that will bring you enjoyment, but also challenge your mind :

Find a Problem

Even day to day tasks can be great problem solving moments to take advantage of. Moving things, packing boxes, multi-tasking, scheduling time, and many more things are simple ways to help your mind practice. Things I love to do :

  • Mowing the lawn : lets me decide the best or most efficient path to take to get every inch in the least amount of time
  • Building things : I recently have been building a wall with pieces of painted wood and it was almost like playing Tetris

Play obviously equals good, but sometimes play can also equal work.

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