The Iron Yard Houston: Women in Tech

The Iron Yard has a passion for training the best software engineers, and we have that same passion for trying to diversify the work force. We try to do that in every sense of the word, but today I want to highlight a few women in our classes with some amazing stories. Meet our Women in Tech.

Amy: An Opportunity to Pursue Web Design


When I first found out about The Iron Yard I had been working as a pharmacy technician for past 2 years, just trying to make ends meet for my family while my husband finishes up his degree in petroleum engineering. Since he has been in school for close to four years, the majority of my time was consumed by work and caring for our four children.

Several years ago I had decided to pursue a degree in web design, but put my educational goals on hold when my husband decided to go back to school. Being a mom of four, I didn’t have the option of spending several years in school before going to work or traveling to attend a similar program in another city, so when the Iron Yard opened a branch locally, it was an opportunity to continue my education sooner rather than later.

My research into The Iron Yard indicated a commitment to a stable lifestyle and that being able to focus my studies on front end design would fit into my lifestyle better than some of the other approaches out there. I have a background in the fashion industry and graphic design, and having the ability to create programs in JavaScript is a very powerful skill that allows me to exercise my creative side. I think that impacting women in technology is mostly about making women feel more comfortable considering technology as a career, even though they may end up being the only one in the room (true story!).

Being part of paving the way for that goal with The Iron Yard means helping to bridge communication gaps and supporting flexibility for different needs and goals in this industry.

Nandita: Taking the Plunge


Before I joined The Iron Yard Academy I was a stay at home mom.

When I decided I wanted to change my career path to Ruby on rails, I started scouting for code schools to help me achieve that. I wanted to do an immersive course that held me accountable with daily homework and weekly assignments. I was also fascinated with the idea of working alongside peers who shared a common interest.

The Iron Yard came recommended to me by my friend, Amanda Shih, who is the organizer of a girls coding meet up here in Houston, TX. I did my own research on The Iron Yard, spoke to one of the founders and Campus Director, and decided to take the plunge.

I certainly feel that there is a scarcity of women who code. I am part of a meet up group called Girls Coding Club, and I am more than happy to spread the word there about The Iron Yard. I also feel that seeing and talking to a graduate from a code school would definitely encourage other women to embark on a similar path.

Adrianne: From Occasional Freelance to Rails Developer


I’ve been freelancing on a very occasional basis as a web designer since 2006. For the last two years, I worked full-time as a Jr. Admin in Technical Support for a web hosting company.

I chose The Iron Yard for several reasons: it’s local (Houston), it teaches Ruby on Rails (which is the stack I was interested in learning), and it offers other innovative programs that I felt I may be interested in later. Two that come to mind are the Digital Health Accelerator and the coding classes for children.

I intend to help more women pursue a career in technology by doing talks at Meetup groups, blogging, and sharing my knowledge through the eventual creation of products that teach coding from a woman’s perspective.

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