New (and Old) Territory: Python at The Iron Yard

Our traditional portfolio of courses cover the three primary areas of common tech stacks: front end, back end and mobile.

Those are broad terms in the world of programming—technologies abound within each category. We’ve chosen JavaScript, Ruby on Rails and iOS development because of demand, flexibility and the variety of opportunities each gives our students upon graduation.

One of the great things about our school, though, is flexibility. If there’s demand, we can meet it and we’re not tied to certain technologies because we know they will change and adapt (or even see the end of their life).

JavaScript, Ruby and iOS aren’t going any where for a while and have served our students well, but recently we’ve had conversations with certain employers who have demand for other languages.

Specifically, over half of our Raleigh-Durham Employer Advisory Board expressed interest in hiring more Python developers. That’s exciting for us—Python is a venerable language with an extremely robust community.

After several more conversations and some planning, I’m excited to announce that we will be offering our first Python course at our Raleigh-Durham campus in January, 2015.

We are actively looking for an instructor, so if you’re interested or know someone who might be, let us know.

Lucky for us, both of our Durham instructors are adept at Python, so we already have a head-start on curriculum. (Our Front End Engineering Instructor, Julia, just finished a book on Django, published through Oreilly! More on that soon.)

Wondering what Python is?

Python is a very versatile server-side programming language. It has been around since the 80s and is used heavily in both academics and the sciences, but is also found in both large and small scale consumer companies and products around the world (like RedHat, Instagram and more). You can learn more on the official Python website or Wikipedia. If you want to take a test-drive, do a few tutorials.

We’ll post more information soon!

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