Charleston’s First Demo Day

One of our amazing Front End final projects

Last week, Charleston’s inaugural classes at The Iron Yard graduated. We celebrated with a demo day, where dozens of hiring partners joined friends and family to see the students present their final projects. I had seen bits and pieces of the students’ work ahead of time, but I was totally blown away by what they ended up accomplishing, from a PacMan-like game written entirely in javascript to a food truck tracker to a potentially revolutionary mental health tracking app.

One of our amazing Ruby on Rails final projects

Students presented to a standing room only crowd and then mingled with hiring partners, exchanging business cards and making connections.  The crowd was even more impressed than I was with all that this class has learned over the last twelve weeks.

Minds being blown

Once we were done blowing Charleston’s collective mind, we kicked out the hiring partners waited until the hiring partners left, then celebrated!

Our students each got a graduation certificate to frame in their new offices, then we fired up the margarita machine and really, truly relaxed for the first time in three months.

Never was there a more well-deserved margarita.

Now they are all focusing on the job search and ramping up to take Silicon Harbor by storm.  I couldn’t be more proud of these amazing engineers.

This guy accepted a job offer FIVE DAYS after graduation.

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