Student selection is a state of mind

 We often get the following question from prospective students:

“What would prevent me from being selected for your program?”

Since we have no entrance examinations or requirements of previous technical experience, people sometimes wonder how we evaluate applicants and decide who will be invited to join one of our classes.

While there are a number of general traits we look for the decision ultimately comes down to one thing: Attitude.

Here are some more specifics for those who are paying attention:

  • Your attitude about learning.
  • Your attitude about helping others.
  • Your attitude about asking for help.
  • Your attitude about pushing through challenges.
  • Your attitude about yourself and your future.

The decision to join our program is a major leap for anyone. You are offering us twelve weeks of your life and a sizable financial commitment (and don’t worry, if you survive we’ll return the favor in spades).

But that alone is not enough to get a seat in the class. Our admissions process specifically looks to understand your motivation and determination. Our Campus Directors, Instructors and passionate alumni will all ask you questions to ensure that you truly are ready and able to focus on programming for the duration of our program.  We’ve seen enough people who simply think it sounds cool to become a developer, but don’t realize the lifelong dedication needed to pursue the craft.

Realistically, that maps well to your career in general. For any client or company to make a commitment to you in the future, they will want to feel confident in your ongoing potential. Seth Godin noted that the war for talent is really a war for attitude, and we agree. We will prepare you for a development career, and work with you to make that a reality, but your attitude is what will define success throughout your time with us and beyond.

So perhaps you should really first ask yourself:

Am I really ready to be selected for this program?

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