“Welcome to Techsas” Recap

Howdy Houston (and fellow Texans and Techsans)!

We had quite an amazing turnout at #WelcomeToTechsas. I wanted to throw my own two cents in as a recap to this amazing event!


I want to sign off with one last and really important note about how we ought to lead our community forward. I corresponded with one of the attendants who had been learning some code on his own. Here’s something he wrote:

PS. – I enjoyed Techsas very much and found that I was downplaying my skills. I had no idea that I actually know alot more than thought I did, compared to others. I was actually able to keep up in that advanced class. 🙂

Insecurity is a major thing that happens to everyone, and especially in the world of tech. There’s always so much to learn and familiarize yourself with. We have to grow as human beings and not just technologists. It’s something I like to call “imposter syndrome”. You feel like an imposter when you walk into a room and have something to share or something to learn, and you feel as if others don’t believe that you belong in the room. Make sure to empathize and connect with people from all walks of life.

This is a rather human element I wish to help lead Houston’s tech scene towards, and I really think it is important to realize that everyone is at an event like “Welcome to Techsas” to just learn something new and be inspired.

Some of the students at Techsas were technologists who had been working with SAP, testing software for big oil and research companies, Masters in Computer Science, artists and web-designers, musicians and DJ’s, marketing and branding gurus, etc. The amazing part is that all of these people enjoyed learning about our beautiful world of code. They learned a little about CSS Animations and breaking down complex movement patterns. This is a level playing-field where everyone can teach something. Always remember that — no one knows everything! 🙂

With that said, I’ll leave everyone with this little piece of code that a student from The Iron Yard, Clarke Harris, made. He is a graphic designer and a darn good one!

See the Pen Work hard, stay humble. by Matt Keas (@matthiasak) on CodePen.

Thank you everyone, again, for coming out to Techsas and I look forward to crossing paths with you again!

Code on,

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