Welcome our New Instructors: Clinton Dreisbach and Julia Elman

The Iron Yard powered by Smashing Boxes is well underway planning for our first semester of classes (and we’re still accepting applications!). It’s been a busy time of growth, learning and lots of fun planning all of the amazing things our students will encounter in their time here!

To help kick things off we’d like to introduce you to our two amazing instructors, Clinton and Julia!

Clinton Dreisbach

Hi! I’m Clinton Dreisbach and I am excited to be an instructor with The Iron Yard in Durham. I’ve been a programmer since I was 10 and got my hands on an IBM PCJr, and I’ve been writing software professionally for over 15 years, working in everything from Perl to Java to Ruby to Clojure. Of all the languages I’ve used, Ruby has consistently been one of my favorites, so I’m thrilled to be teaching our inaugural Ruby on Rails class in Durham.

I have always loved teaching people and have done plenty of one-on-one mentoring and conference speaking. For the past two years, I’ve been teaching outside of work in programs such as Citizen Schools and ClojureBridge. I’m looking forward to applying the skills I’ve learned to The Iron Yard Academy.

When I am not at a keyboard, I am busy being a dad to an amazing toddler and partner to an amazing spouse. In the sliver of time left after all that, I play and design tabletop games and bang out tunes on my ukulele.

Julia Elman

Hello! My name is Julia Elman and I am a designer, developer and tech education advocate based in North Carolina. I’ve been working my brand of web skills since 2002 and honing my skill set as a front end developer. My creative nature drove me to find work at Hallmark Cards, Inc. in Kansas City in 2007 where I worked on projects such as the Product (RED) campaign and Hallmark’s site re-design. From there, I took a dive into Django as a Junior Designer/Developer at World Online in Lawrence, KS. Currently, I am working on a book for O’Reilly Media on called “Light weight Django” which focuses on advanced and light weight techniques when using Django with Javascript (TBR 2014).

In my spare time, I am one of the local Chapter Leaders for Girl Develop It RDU, a non-profit organization focused on empowering women to learn software programming. In early 2013, I helped teach the initial HTML/CSS class and have since helped grow the chapter to over 600 members, four instructors and multiple teaching assistants. Also in 2013, I helped organize and teach the Teen Tech Camp, a one day for teaching kids 12-18 how to program with Python on a Raspberry Pi.

Joining The Iron Yard in Durham is something I am thrilled to have the opportunity to do and I am excited to show the world the talent the Triangle area has to offer!

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