Survival guide to the hardest thing you’ll ever do

Our program here at The Iron Yard is hard. Not just hard, REALLY REALLY hard. One of the hardest educational experiences you will ever encounter. The reason is because you are receiving a metric ****ton of information and are expected to absorb and perform with this information.

Because things are so hard, people tend to get very emotional and frustrated when they don’t understand the material. This will lead to very charged conversations/meetings where people let out a lot of that pent up stress and frustration. We encounter this quite often and want to relay a message: it’s ok! We are here to help you through this program in any way we can. This is a TIY promise.

Some tips to avoid encountering this:

The 20-30 minute rule

When you are struggling on a problem, you should only struggle for about 20-30 minutes before asking for help. If you struggle for any longer then that, you are probably wasting precious time. I would rather you bombard me with questions and be annoying (seriously!) than drown silently like everything is OK! If we don’t know you are struggling, how can we help you get through these problems?

Take breaks often

Take a 15 minute break every hour. Take a 5 minute break every 30 minutes. Do something. Your mind needs some rest in between coding sessions.

Try out the Pomodoro Technique!

Ask questions often! (Not just for your benefit)

Don’t be afraid to ask questions, regardless of how stupid you think that question may be! If you don’t understand something we went over the first couple weeks of class and need to ask, do it. If I tell you that you should know this, tell me you’re struggling through it and need some help. I guarantee you are not the only one having the same problems, ask the questions allowed to your classmates.

Make sure you’re doing something relevant

When you go into a rabbit hole, make sure what you’re doing is relevant to learning the material you have gone over that day. If you keep getting stuck in the rabbit holes of trying to understand “why”, you will get behind REALLY quickly. Make sure what you’re doing is relevant.

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