It’s 2014. Why You Should Learn Rails

Every now and then I get prospective students wondering if Rails is still “hot”, or if they should look into something else. Fear drives your indecision. ‘Should I bet on this technology? Will it go away’?

Rails is the perfect environment for the budding developer. You’ll be able to create totally awesome products, deploy them live instantly, and have fun doing it. You can freelance, join both established companies,  startups, or build your own products.

Here are the top 5 reasons Rails is the perfect fit for you, dear student:

Example Ruby and Rails Sites


My buddy spent a MONTH with this Java thing trying to get it right. What shocked me was that it was only ecommerce and users logging in. I literally could have done that in 3 days with Rails.

I heard this story on May 2nd 2014, and pretty much every year since 2008. Rails is just faster to get to market, and can stay your product until you reach significant market size (think Twitter).

And the truth is, everybody starts writing their own languages and frameworks once they reach twitter size. With Rails, you’ll be able to create mockups of projects and edit them. Your feedback will improve over the old-school theoretical debates of your past.

Code that your patrons and bosses can see is much easier to understand, versus concepts you have to explain.


From 2005, the first days of Rails. DHH, the creator of rails told eweek:

The author of Ruby, Yukihiro Matsumoto, tells us that he set out to create a language that would “make programmers happy.” Rails attempts to run with that noble and profound goal and bring it to the world of Web application development. We’re optimizing for humans first, compilers and the frameworks second. Its been a constant search for how we could make the development process more in tune with what makes programmers happy.

This is exactly how I want to spend my life. I want to optimize for happiness first, and pretty much everything else second.

After all, Developers are expensive, and processors are getting cheaper every microsecond.

The Ruby / Rails Community

“My personal aim for the Rails community is to make it nothing like the PHP or C communities, where you’re told to “RTFM” – Ryan Bigg

Havvvve you seen Rails Rumble? It’s where teams of people around the world get together and build something wicked sweet. In 48 hours. Using … Rails.

There’s over 3400 people that have committed to the Rails source code.

One hundred times each year, hundreds of developers attend conferences. We meet to share, learn, and advance the awesomeness of building software applications.

And the people in Rails are welcoming, nice, and super awesome. They welcome new programmers and help explain things, rather than telling them to RTFM.

Companies in Houston hiring Ruby on Rails Devs

ChaiOne, HP, Poetic, PROs, ErdosMiller, Onit, KForce. That’s not including the remote positions, for which Ruby and Rails are in serious demand. Serious great remote Rails jobs waiting for progressive companies at WeWorkRemotely.

I’ve personally built MVPs for several houston startups using Rails (as have other freelancers in town). (this market is underserved to the max)

If you have questions, stop by START Houston, or email me and we can skype/google-hangout/actual-phonecall about it.

And finally, I’ll leave you with this reminder of why Rails:

Ready to learn how to build awesome apps and be happier doing it? Check out our upcoming  Rails Engineering classes and apply!

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