The Truth is in the Details

As we kick off our inaugural class in Atlanta, I’m excited to finally make my debut on the Atlanta blog! With so many changes at Atlanta Tech Village taking place, it’s exciting to see our students finding their place in the tech world, along with our own settlement into our Atlanta location.

I’ve been appropriately labeled a “systems person” (thanks, John!), a personality trait that puts me in the habit of obsessing over details.

A few years ago, a high school friend of mine started a blog (Things Organized Neatly) that does just what the title states: curates a selection of things, organized neatly. A details-person, I was utterly delighted to see what would come next, what new objects would be carefully placed next to one another!

There’s something obsessive about this practice, but also incredibly relaxing.

Ah, everything’s in order!

I like to approach all situations with the details in mind. What is a student’s experience like, the moment they walk through the door? Will they appreciate the kraft paper notebooks with the meticulous stitching down the sides we’ve carefully placed in their desk space?

I like to think everyone pays attention to those details, but the reality is, it’s not so much about the details, but the experience they provide. We live in a chaotic environment, no matter how perfectly we line up the notebooks. Chaos is exciting, spontaneous, and the avenue by which creativity expresses itself.

I love the incredible mix of students we have, coming from all walks of life. I love the co-working environment we’ve invited them to join, because through those spontaneous interactions, new ideas will form.

I’ve planned things in my head, ordered all the necessary components, but the most exciting part is that which can’t be planned. Let’s do some amazing, spontaneous things these next three months!

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