It’s Time to Plate!

We have three weeks left here in our Front End Engineering course and that means it is final project time!

The prior nine weeks (and a few leading up to the start preparing for the students) have been an incredible journey for me since making the transformation from Iron Yard student to team member.

I am truly honored and grateful to have been a part of every student’s life changing experience here. I would be hesitant to say “life-changing”, but after getting to know them all very well and having multiple in-depth conversations with each and every one of them  I can say this without hesitation. Read Daniel’s blog or Katy’s blog if you don’t believe me.

So, you are probably wondering the meaning of this blog title. Today in class a great analogy was made that really sums up our students journeys up to this point.

The analogy is summarized as follows:

Up until this point the course has been a lot like a cooking class. We have been sharpening our knives and chopping hundreds of onions. We have been learning when to use a slicing knife versus a boning knife versus a cleaver and so on.

All serious chefs should be able to make a roux, broth,  or a pan sauce among other essentials, but the time has finally come to showcase all that has been learned by plating an elegant dish.

There are some awesomely cool projects in the works. The last class set the bar pretty high, but I have a feeling it is about to get raised.

Suffice it to say, my mouth is watering, and I am ready for the tasting!

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