International Women’s Day

One of many women who has discovered the joy of both coding AND dolls, hacking away at CoderDojo.

Today is International Women’s Day and March is  Women’s History Month. This is a pretty exciting time for me to be involved in The Iron Yard.

A large part of the reason I joined The Iron Yard is that I saw an opportunity to influence more women of all ages to get involved in software and learn to code. There are tons of opportunities to be involved and I’m glad that we have a few of them to offer our community and potential students.

For example, we offer scholarships for women, which is an awesome way to help women bridge the gap and be able to join our class.

In fact, a handful of them have already taken advantage of this opportunity and have already signed up for our inaugural classes – I’m so excited to be a part of a life-changing program!

When I participated in College of Charleston’s Yes, I’m a Feminist! event, I met tons of men and women alike who are excited about getting more women involved in technology in Charleston.  But I think it’s just the beginning and I think more can be done (and I’d love your help!).

For instance, I’ve been looking for a women in software group here in Charleston, but I haven’t found one yet.  I guess I need to start that, right? Do you want to help? Do you already know of one that I haven’t found yet?

I’m asking you to hold us accountable.  We’ve only scratched the surface of what we can do to promote women in technology and I think we need your help to go further.  There are tons of opportunities to make an impact in the local economy but someone always has to be brave enough to go first – will you help me take that first step?

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