A Quick (Pun Intended) Update About Our Atlanta Campus!

If you’re like me then you’re pretty much obsessed with  speed, especially when it comes to an internet connection.

In fact, if the speed isn’t fast than it’s one of the biggest reasons why I’ll leave an otherwise neat space and environment for bigger (pipeline) and better (throughput) grounds!

One of the major reasons that The Atlanta Tech Village makes a truckload of sense is the fact that it’s one of the fastest connections in the metro Atlanta area. I mean, with over 100+ on both up and down you’re looking at some serious bandwidth!

 Makes me feel like this.

It makes most other places blush, right?

So, if you come and join us then you’ll be hooked up, quite literally, with some of the best pipes around. I dig that hard!

Just another reason to be joining us here in Buckhead @ The Atlanta Tech Village!

Finally, here’s a quick video that I made this morning about our move-in efforts which are very much in the works. We’ve got a classroom on the very cool 3rd floor as well as a brand new room on the 1st next to the incoming coffee bar and hot desks.


I’ll get some video of the downstairs classroom and environment as we get closer to launch. Get excited, get pumped!

Oh, and we’ve still got a few slots open for our Atlanta iOS Course and Rails Course – let’s do this!

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