Great Wide Open: 10 Free Tickets!

I absolutely love software in all of it’s many different forms and have spent time building products for both large and very small organizations using proprietary and open source software. It’s all good from any way that you look at it!

The last big venture that I had was an open source-based company that had 4 partners and 7 staff – not bad for “free” software, right? So in many ways I’ve been incredibly blessed and thankful for open source and what it has provided me in terms of my career and for my family.

This is why I’m excited to share that we’ve partnered with Great Wide Open, a conference coming to Atlanta that will connect the best and the brightest open source-minded people!

You only have to look at the Speakers Page to get a real look at what you’re going to experience and oh, by the way, we’d love for you to be there!

So we’ve got 10 free tickets for you… and you should definitely do it!

How to Get a Free Ticket:

It’s quite simple:

  1. Post a comment below about what your favorite open source technology is! [1 entry]
  2. Post to Twitter with a link back to this blog post [1 entry]
  3. Post to Facebook with a link back to this blog post [1 entry]

You can get up to 3 entries a day! We’ll close the contest next week!

Rock it out!

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