Brandon’s Story: Graduation + One Month

On occasion we get stories from our graduates that are so compelling that we just have to share them with you (we don’t try to pry too much into our graduates’ lives!).

Brandon was a student of ours who successfully completed the Academy Program and shot us this email the other day. After being only one month out of the class he’s happily and gainfully employed and enjoying a new career in technology.

He has fulfilled our mission as an organization and we couldn’t be any happier for him! Read his personal note after the jump:


Its been a crazy first month up here for me, but I am really enjoying where I am and just wanted to thank you and the others at the Iron Yard for helping me to be where I am today.

Even though I am only a month into my job at Dude Solutions, I feel great about where I am and really enjoy the people that I am getting to work with as well. It has been interesting adapting to the inner workings of .NET shop, and I have spent most of my time thus far in training and study other languages of code predominately C#, but I have had some opportunities to showcase my knowledge and am getting to do some responsive design planning which has been exciting.

All of this would not have been possible without the help of you, Mason, and others at the Iron Yard. It seems not only have I found a place that I enjoy, but also a great company that is in the middle of an exciting time of growth and expansion that was announced Monday at a large press event here in Cary.

I don’t know specifics of how the company will grow or what will become available, but I know that at some point down the road they will be needing more Web Developers, so it could be a potential for some future Iron Yard students.

Thank you again for helping me get to the point that I could work in such a great environment and for a great company.

– Brandon

How can we help you create a story like Brandon? We’d love to chat!

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