Cool Artifacts for the Classroom?

 Why not…

One of the more fun elements of my job right now is making sure that the environment that we’re creating here in Atlanta is the most fun possible. In other words, doing a bit of interior design if you will.

The problem is that I’m terrible at it and I am really the last person you want to ask in regards to a classy, aesthetically-pleasing experience. If it were up to me then I’d plop down a few bean bags and that would be the end of it (I did this once in a previous venture… my partners did not love nor use them much).

Consequently, I’m trying to gather my thoughts around what the environment should attempt to be as well as do, functionally-speaking. Naturally our environment will have chairs and some desks for the students but the way we teach is pretty fluid so I’d imagine a variety of “workstations” if you will.

I’m not entirely sure what we can pull-off right now given the potential limitations at Atlanta Technology Village but I’d like it to be comfortable and welcoming. I have a few personal posters that I’d like to bring from home but that might be a stretch since I’m sure my tastes necessarily match most other people’s.

Got any ideas for us here in Atlanta? Should we provide each student with a NERF hand-gun to use when frustrated? It’s things like that that can give an environment some character, some flavor, some serendipitous excitement. This is part of what makes our culture unique.

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