Meet Aubrey, The Iron Yard’s First Employee

Hey! I’m Aubrey (@AubreyDuggar) and I am so excited about continuing a career as Operations Manager @ The Iron Yard.

Before we start, I must say I am not your typical Iron Yard nerd with crazy skills in software, computer engineering, or JavaScript, but I am at least learning the lingo. As a second year college student, I was hired as the first employee interning with the southeastern’s first accelerator during summer of 2012.

The following summer, I came back to The Iron Yard in a different role. As the company is expanding, the need for structure and support administratively was definite. That’s why I’m here!

I have a background in events and will graduate in May with a BS in Tourism Management and a concentration in Meeting and Events. I thrive off to do lists, an inbox at “0” when I leave work, and happy people as a result of creativity in beer and food choice. It’s weird, I know. I enjoy serving others and taking on too much responsibility.

In my free time, I spend summers on the lake and winters under a blanket and netflix. My passion revolves around people; my relationships and time with family and friends.

I greatly prefer to stay active and busy… So my outlet is at the gym where I typically choose a high intensity interval work out. A few of my favorite things: Flowers, Pinterest, salmon, HGtv for the reno shows, and chocolate.

Fun fact: I am known for being a water diva because I drink about 2 liters a day so I can taste the difference in most waters. But I I won’t criticize  any brands here!

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