Wow, It’s Been (Only) One Month…?!

A month ago our Charleston Academy didn’t even exist yet, and now we are well on our way to having our first courses!

It’s amazing to think of what we have done in this short amount of time; so here’s a recap:

The Adventure Begins!

Nick, Jo, and myself started officially as Rails, iOS, and Front End Instructors, respectively and we all trekked to Greenville, our mothership and the world headquarters of The Iron Yard.

We got to meet our amazing team, Mason’s first class of the year, and generally get plugged in to our new roles as instructors.

We even went to a trampoline park, where I took a short slow motion video of Nick:

As you could probably tell from the video, Nick is definitely excited!

We rounded out our week in Greenville with good times, good instruction and a whole lot of energy for when we got back to Charleston!

Getting the Word Out

Once back in Charleston, Nick and I have been working really hard to simply get the word out about our Academy and let people know it exists.

You know you’re really doing something awesome when every single person you talk to gets just as excited as you when they hear of what we are doing.

Interviewing Students for our Classes

What is amazing to me is how fast we are getting students!  And one of the great pleasures of this job is for us to meet so many incredible people.

Both Nick and I are starting to fill our classes, so be sure to apply to make sure you can make our March 17th start date!

Closing on our new space

We are getting really pumped about the new space, and after touring many locations, we think we have a winner!  We are literally inches away from inking the deal, and we’ll keep you all updated!

We’re excited about the next month ahead of us as we forge ahead with our curriculum for the new classes.

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