Need a Technical Cofounder? Become One!

There is a growing need for more technical cofounders for new ventures and startups and it’s only going to get worse as the gap between those who can and those who are available widens.

Even for myself I get pinged weekly about new opportunities and new ventures that are essentially asking me the exact same thing:

Are you available to help co-found a startup? If you’re not, do you know someone who is available?

Unfortunately, I’m extremely busy growing The Iron Yard’s presence and I always have to decline and yet, at the very same time, it’s very fortunate that our mission here is to actually provide a solution to this growing epidemic!

So my email response to these exciting inquiries contains the following:

  1. Congrats – I must congratulate them on their new idea and/or venture. It’s bold to start something new and it’s bold to ask for help. Well done!
  2. Keep an Ear Out – Yes, naturally I’ll tell the person that I’ll keep an ear out for people looking for roles like this who would be a good introduction. The problem is that most talented technical cofounders are already involved with something else, so…
  3. Become Technical – On a final note I humbly suggest that perhaps they should become their own technical cofounder and learn to rock out some code themselves! It’s often a point that they had never really considered.

The point is not that they need to become a rockstar programmer and specialist (although they might find this avenue very exciting and attractive and made just for them) – it’s that they may find it faster and more advantageous for them to become their own technical lead and have the full capacity to build a reasonable prototype!

Imagine that?! I’ve seen some more “business-y” people take the time (3 months is not that much time if you think about it)  to become more technically-savvy and their prospects for building that team, product, and company shoot through the roof.

The knowledge and wisdom that they now bring to the table is life-transforming. Needless to say, the opportunities that they have to “get it done” are now ten-fold.

If you haven’t thought about taking the time to know more about the technical and software-side of things for your technology venture than I seriously encourage you to consider a tech and software bootcamp. The investment would last you a lifetime.

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