Announcing Scholarships for Women in Tech


Jen Ngetich, Class of April ‘13

We’ve been teaching programming and hardware hacking to kids for almost a year now at The Iron Yard, and the students have been a wonderful mix of girls and boys, from a wide range of economic, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds. Through flat-out-free classes and full scholarships for paid classes, we’ve tried to make sure that any child with even a modicum of curiosity has a chance to learn programming.

On many occasions, the mothers, older sisters, and aunts of our students have expressed that they wish programs like ours had existed years ago. Many women we’ve spoken to were directly discouraged from STEM when they were younger, being told, “engineering is for men.”

Making tech a more welcoming environment for everyone is a cause we support wholeheartedly, and we’re working to make that vision reality.

As our first effort, I’m thrilled to announce that next semester we’re offering two women a $1500 scholarship towards our Front End Engineering class in January. (Check out our intensive, 3-month Front End Engineering course.)

In addition to the normal student application, those seeking scholarships will be asked to write a brief essay (600 words) on how they plan to help promote women in tech (the application link is at the end of the post).[2. Visit the Women in Tech Scholarship Application]

We’re incredibly proud of all of our students and graduates and the contributions they’ve already made to make tech more welcoming and accessible in our community.

We can’t wait to continue the tradition next semester with a focus on women in tech.

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