The Iron Yard Academy: Front End Engineering Class Applications are OPEN

For the last month we’ve been working on a project called The Iron Yard Academy, and we’re excited to announce that applications are open for our Front End Engineering class.

What is this Iron Yard Academy, you ask?

The Academy is a collection of intensive, in-person programming and design courses, built to take students from zero to hero in a short amount of time. When they complete the program, we’ll help place them in a job. Other schools like this exist, but not in the Southeast.

What subjects will you teach?

We’ve opened applications for our three-month Front End Engineering class, and will launch a UX/UI course later this spring. We hope to add iOS and Rails courses later in the year.

What kind of instructors are teaching these classes?

Our Front End instructor (and the head of our Academy program) is Mason Stewart. He’s a seasoned engineer, and he’s worked for small, Southern boutique web shops, startups from San Francisco to Greenville, and everywhere in between. He also heads up CoderDojo Greenville, teaching over 40 kids per week how to program in Scratch and JavaScript. (Check out a video from the class.)

Also, we can’t say who just quite yet, but we recently hired a genius-level instructor for our upcoming UX/UI class. More news on that soon.

What will students be ready for after taking the courses?

Here’s what we’ll prepare students for in the Front End class:

You will be qualified as a professional, junior-level JavaScript and front-end engineer.

  • Join a startup and get a solid prototype off the ground quickly and efficiently
  • Build digital products for web development shop, agency, etc.
  • Build non-trivial, fast, efficient, production-quality apps
  • Build gorgeous websites
  • Most importantly, learn how to learn

You won’t know absolutely everything there is to know, but we will ensure that you know how to learn it if you need to.

Ok, fancy pants, how much will this cost?

$9,750, including housing and a MacBook air that you get to keep. For real.


Absolutely. Head over to our website, read about the course, and sign on up. We’ve had lots of strong applicants already, so get it while it’s hot.

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