Lazy Friday Links, Vol. 5

Happy New Year!

1) Today’s noodle-worker comes from a blog called “Mr. Money Mustache,” so you know it’s going to be awesome.. An article called “Cure Yourself of Tiny Details Exaggeration Syndrome” was floated around the net a bit, and we thought it was self-reflective, kind of new years resolution-y, and all that other stuff that makes you feel optimistic about the future. Here’s a quote to whet the palette:

Despite their advantaged position, people seem to become unaware of the wide variety of conditions in the world and their own ability as a human to deal with them. The results are both tragic and amusing.

2) Watching this blacksmith work will make you want to go live in the woods.

3) Someone flying off of a playground carousel powered by a motorcycle. .

4) The Iron Yard launched a snazzy new website(See what we did there?)

_*Obligatory cat-related-something, meowing Happy New Year edition.

Happy Friday.

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