Fish Focused Startups


Today is World Fisheries Day. Most people probably don’t think about fisheries very often (overfishing is a big problem). You probably don’t think about fish related startups either. Shame on you.

So, in honor of this day of recognition, and neglected startups, and (mostly) because we’re weird and like to have fun, we did a round of of fish focused startups.


Mystery Tackle Box

“The most exciting way to discover new baits that work.”


Village Fishmonger

“Village Fishmonger takes the traditional neighborhood fishmonger concept to the next level with “boat-to-table” sourcing and a carefully curated selection of seafood.”


Family Fish Farms

“The FFF Network will provide healthy local food on a 12 month growing season. Fish, clams, oysters, shrimp and garden veggies.”


Good Fish

“Share your catch and find the bait.”



“Map driven recreational fishing community.”


Hawaii Oceanic Technology

“Hawaii Oceanic Technology has patented an un-tethered fish-farming platform called the Oceansphere that uses proven technology with proprietary innovations.”

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